Monday, August 19, 2013

Muffins and life lessons

Tonight Jameson and I went out into the field and picked blackberries to make muffins after dinner. Dinner was finishing up and  Jer said "I'm going to the farm (his parents) to wash my truck and check the chicks" Jameson promptly decided to go with dad because the last few weeks I have become a second choice to daddy especially if it has anything to do with farming, 4 wheelers and/or RC cars.

So it was just us girls hanging out. 
As I am gathering all the ingredients to make some Blackberry Sour Cream Muffins Madalyn asks "Can I help you?" This seems like a simple request, but to be truthful having the kids help me in the kitchen isn't my favorite.  When Mad stirs the flour it goes flying, when she cracks an egg she smashes it on the bowl cracks it up high and back down low the egg plopping against the bowl or flour, sugar is all over the counter because she has to shake it all around the bowl before dumping it in. It is a general mess. I know it is just a mess and messes can be cleaned, but I really don't love it.

 Well, tonight I let her help (I know I always should!). We measured flour and as it flopped in the bowl and dusted everything within 5 feet she had a giant smile. She shook the sugar just right, spread the baking powder in the bowl; and out. As I am measuring the oil Mad notices we don't have enough so I ask her to grab the applesauce to make up the difference. She says "I thought we were making muffins?" and I get explain to her why you can use applesauce in place of oil. 
She says "did your Grandma Ethel teach you that?" 
Now if you know me at all you know that my Grandma Ethel is my favorite favorite favorite. Sometimes I still get teary eyes about how much I miss her. I think about how she would have loved Jer, my kids and how I can make a pretty good pie crust almost like her.
She was the best pie baker with a crust that doesn't compare to any.
I told Mad that my grandma didn't teach me that, but she did teach me a lot of other things.
Then came the questions about Grandama
"is she in heaven"
and it opened my eyes to what I haven't seen before.

How will Madalyn learn to make a pie crust, a loaf of bread, cookies or dinner if I don't let her make a mess and "help" me?
If I don't teach her who will?
If I don't slow down and see that a mess is just a mess (and I'm a pretty good mess maker myself when I am baking) I am going to miss out on bigger life lessons taught by a 7 year old.
It is more fun to crack an egg up high then down low because that is how they do it on T.V.
It is exciting to see how far the flour can dust up the sides of the bowl.
Sugar, well we love sugar at our house and if you get it on the counter you can clean it up with your licked finger when your finished baking.

I will never get this chance back and baking is more fun with her.

I can see that the conversations are only going to get better and better.

I need to remember that I used to be the one standing on the chair asking if I can lick the bowl and making a mess next to my grandma.

Thanks Mad for the little 7 year old life lessons.
Blessed is me...

Friday, August 16, 2013

When the kids are away..

While the kids were gone at church camp I had a big list of things I was going to get done since I had scheduled some days off work.
-deep clean the house
-weed the garden
-prime and paint doors
-clean two rooms in the barn out
-clean my car; which we could live out of for no less than two weeks including food and clothing.
-sleep past 5:30 a.m.

My plan didn't go off entirely as planned other than I slept until after 6.
-We could still live out of my car
-the rooms in the barn are still full of junk
-doors are still unpainted
-garden is over run by weeds
I did get the living room cleaned!!
I cleaned the baseboards, moved the furniture, etc.. I was slightly grossed out by what I found under the sofa. Dog hair, empty box from a toy, toy farm fencing, Hot Wheels, dog hair, red Solo cup, tractor tires, 4 pair of Madalyn's shoes and I think all of her socks, dog hair and.. wait for it a tortilla! Jameson likes to eat cold tortilla's and I guess when he was finished he decided that under the sofa was a better place than in the garbage!

Anyone else have an accumulation under the sofa? No? OK.. moving on..

I watched some daytime T.V. which is a total waste of time. Did you know that Barkers Beauties on the Price Is Right now includes DUDES? It just isn't right.
I have also concluded that Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today show need to slow down on the drinking. I know it's 5:00 somewhere, but having shots lined up on the desk seems like a little much.

While my plan to get lots done didn't go as planned I did get to spend 2 glorious days with The Farmer. Just us. No agenda.
I watched the sun come up; in silence. I don't think I'll ever get tired of how beautiful it is coming over the mountains. I often wonder what it looks like on the other side of heaven.

Jer took me to breakfast, we cruised through the fields, fed the cows peas and rolled down the dyke. The Farmer of course noticed all the nutria trails coming up from the river and down to the fields. I'm sure that soon there will be a trip down the dyke that entails a gun. The Farmer doesn't want those varmints doing any damage to the fields.

We also enjoyed dinner with friends and a date to our favorite restaurant in town T Paul's Supper Club. It is the yummiest food and you will always leave with a full full tummy.
It was nice to spend some time just the two of us without the constant "mom" "mom" "mom." I almost forgot what it was like to chat with no interruption's. It was a very much needed two days.
I was ready for the kids to come home by the time Wednesday came, but I am already looking forward to when I get to spend time with my guy. Just us.

Blessed is me...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just one reason

There are oodles and oodles of reasons that I love our church! Sunday our kids along with 40+ other kids, numerous adult counselors as well as teen counselors in training boarded the "Cool Bus" and headed for Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia.

These counselors took time from their busy schedules to love and care for our kids for 4 days. They are teaching the kids teamwork in games, building confidence in shy kids, comforting those who are afraid, reeling in the ones with no fear and most importantly teaching them about Jesus.

We are pretty lucky that plenty of pictures and some videos have been posted on Facebook (and I borrowed them) so we can see some of the fun they are having.

I wish I could go to camp!

Kiddo's on the Cool Bus

The whole gang

Glow in the dark Capture the Flag

Fill the tube that has holes in it with water!

Slip and slide relay!

Pool time!


Blessed is me...