Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Teachers

There is so much in the news about public schools, education and teachers.
Common Core, union contracts, budget shortfalls, class size and so much more.
There is a lot that needs attention.
 There is also SO SO SO much good that we rarely hear about.
We have great teachers. 
Our kids have attended school in the Astoria School District since kindergarten.
Each year we hope for a teacher.
Sometimes we get the teacher we hoped for and sometimes we don't.
 We have always been over the moon with who our kids ended up with despite not always getting our wish.
These teachers have helped shape our kids, helped them to learn new skills, loved them when our dog died, they share in life lessons, they celebrate achievements.
They have become people our kids know they can count on.
For Jameson:

Mrs. Laugle helped him get over the fear of the first day of school by getting down on his level and comforting him.
Mrs. Brewington will always be one of his favorites. 
I'll never forget the day we saw her grocery shopping. Jameson tells me "there is my teacher can I go say hi?"
He swiftly, almost running, went over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
She hugged him right back.
This showed me that she had a profound impact on him.
Mrs. Beiderman stretched his writing skills by entering him in a writing contest without him knowing.
 He was terrified when he found out, but as we sat in the public library and he shared with me that he really wanted to win.
He did win first place and 5 dollars.
He was really proud of himself.
 By the end of the year he was also reading out loud in class.

Mrs. Gardener let Jameson move through math as fast as he wanted even though she didn't always have time to teach him the extra things.
 She let him do it anyways.

Ms. Herr provides such a safe environment that Jameson shares about his weekends in morning meeting. 
This is huge because as you know he isn't a sharer of much.
She also lets him go ahead in math and he is currently working through 5th grade math while in 4th grade.

For Madalyn:

Mrs. Stelzig helped form a firm foundation of structure and fun.
Madalyn wishes that I could talked like Mrs. Stelzig.
I can't
She has a quiet soft voice.
Madalyn will still go over for a hug everytime she sees her in the hallway.

Mrs. Brewington had both our kids and we were so lucky to get her twice. 
Her loving firm tone is just was Mad needed to keep her chit chat to a minimum. 
We Linder girls are a teeny bit talkative.

Mrs. Beiderman and Mrs. Grauff are job sharing this year.
I wish every teacher could do this.
This year she has got to learn about gardening which she loved.
Mrs. Grauff is fluent in Spanish so she is teaching in both English and Spanish
Mad thinks it is really funny to call her dad a potato by switching how you say papa or potato.
This has been one of my favorite parts of 2nd grade. 
Mad comes home and teaches us the Spanish that she has learned.
We are hoping to continue it through the summer for both kids.
Mrs. Beiderman loves teaching the kids about the Underground Railroad.
Mad LOVES this. She can tell you all sorts of information about it and has checked out books in the library to reread information she has learned.

Both kids have/had also had Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Lambert for PE and various reading teachers.
I'll be honest it makes me a little sad that this is our last year at Astor.
So much has happened in those hallways.
Friendships have been formed with those teachers not only by our kids, but with us too.

I can't say enough good things about our teachers and their passion to fill our kids up.
They go the extra mile when they don't have to.
They reach out when they know that our kids need an extra push.
They love when we aren't there.
They encourage when our kids are discouraged.
The cheer on achievements and give correction when needed.
To us they are champions in their field.
 They have all set the bar very high for our future teachers.

To Mrs. Laugle, Mrs. Stelzig, Mrs. Brewington, Mrs. Beidermand, Mrs. Grauff, Mrs. Gardener, Ms. Herr, Mr. Babbit, Mr. Lambert and all our reading teachers
we tip our hat to you.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for our kids.
We appreciate you more than you will ever know.
Blessed is me...