Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dear, Mad

Today you are 10.
Finally, "double digits"
How did that happen so fast for me and yet took so long for you?

We are more than half way to you being an adult!

Daddy cried the day you were born because he loves you so much. 
It was the day our family was completed.
You were born a perfect little bundle with fair skin and dark hair.
Many of the hospital staff mentioned that you were the most beautiful baby they had ever seen. 
In fact Dr. B had reported to his staff how pretty you were that when we walked into your first appointment after leaving the hospital everyone came out to the office lobby to see you.

As you grew so did you hair.
The most beautiful curls I have ever seen on such a little girl.

Your eyes have always been full of sparkle with a smidgen of mischief.

I love getting to watch you find your way, your style and your zest for life.
I miss they days of your zany outfits.
My favorite will always be your swimsuit top over your shirt

and your first recital dress over jeans.

I love the way you adore your dad; 
the way you wrap him up around your finger and bat your eyes at him.
The way daughters love their dads is just different.
When you wrap your arms around his neck and he closes his eyes soaking in your warm embrace I know for a moment time stands still for him.
When you're older you'll know just how much he loves you back 
and that some decisions he has made have been just for you.
He will stand behind you encouraging you, pushing you to do more and be better.
He will forever be on your side.
Someday when you walk through the double doors of the church with your groom waiting on the other end it'll be your daddy standing with you holding your hand tight.
No matter how old you are you'll always be that porcelain skinned dark haired bundle
to him.

I love going shopping for make up and having girls days with you.
When you're finally old enough for real make up
we will make a whole day out of it.
I might even take you to Nordstrom; if you're lucky.

I love that you never back down from a challenge.
Whether it is dancing a solo performance

or showing livestock

 You go full steam for what you want.

I love that you're not afraid to say whats on your mind.
You get that from me.
Some people might call you bossy and let me assure you
that isn't a bad thing!
We are leaders
 front of the pack kind of girls

You are going to change lives my sweet girl
Both with your ambition and your heart.
You love bigger than anyone I know.
Your compassion for others is immeasurable.
I can't wait to see where you go and what you do.
I know it's going to be amazing. 
I'll be your loudest cheerleader.

I love the way you love.
You love outloud.
The way you rock and comfort Rae and Brantley with a soft whisper and a gentle pat on the back never letting it frustrate you even when they are crying.

The way you hold a smaller child's hand as you lead them down to the barn sharing the rules of no running or screaming.

They way you worry when your friends aren't at school because maybe they are sick.
You have such a tender touch and a compassionate heart with people and animals alike.

I love to watch you sleep.
Your long black lashes resting
It makes me wonder..
what will tomorrow bring
a new adventure, a new dream
maybe you'll sew me a pillowcase or create a new outfit
maybe make a new dessert
or slip on your barn boots for a day outside.

I can't wait to see where you'll go
who you'll become and
what you will do every moment in between.

I can promise you this.
I am your biggest fan
I'll always stand up for what is right for you.
You might not always like me, but know that the decisions made are what Daddy and I believe are best at the time.
The teen years might be tough for both of us, but we will make it through.
Daddy and I will catch you every time
We will pick you up when you stumble and we will love you through every single part of your life.

I pray
That you always have a heart for people.
That you see the good in the world.
That you love big and forgive fast.
That you always know that you are the daughter of King Jesus and that He will forever go before you
That you know are fearfully and wonderfully made
desired and cherished.
That you know you're worth far more than rubies

I love you big, my sweet girl.

As Charlotte says in Charlotte's Web
"You are my magnum opus.. my great work"

I hope your tenth year is full of wonder and love.

Blessed Is Me...