Sunday, February 24, 2013

My papa and me!

This post is written by Jameson age 8

I love working with my papa . He is really amazing. He loves goats he loves me and he loves all his animals.  Yesterday we tagged the goats and moved them .

We moved the cows last week . We moved the cows from the woods to the barn .

Now I am going to talk about how to tag a goat . First, you put the tag on the

ear piercer . Then, you hold the goat . Next, you  get the piercer leveled.

Finally, you tag the goat! You put a tag on there so you know which goat is which.

Now I am going to tell you how we moved

the cows. First, you open the gate. Then, you go behind the cows.

Next, you move them on the road.Finally, you get them in the

barn and shut the gate!My papa comes and gets straw bails

my barn. He comes every Saturday.He beds the cows

with it. The straw is meant to keep the cows warm it's basically like a blanket to the cows.

The end

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Madalyn Faith Linder

FINALLY! Madalyn is finally 7. How did that happen?? She has been waiting her whole life to be 7. Last night as I tucked her into bed she told me "well today is my last time going to sleep as a 6 year old"
Some things I remember about February 7th:
We were the first c-section that day so we needed to be up early and to the hospital by 6.
Jameson spent the night with my parents the night before so we could get a good nights rest. Ya right.
I was up early to prepare for the day Jer was resting easy. He was gonna need it.
Off to the hospital we went.
When I walked into L&D and the nurse asked if she could help us I said we were scheduled for a csection and her reply was "usually women come in sweats and no make up"
Well I am not most women and I was going to be having visitors. Make up, hair, earrings, heels is how I do it. My sweats were in my bag.
Get settled in a room so they could check vitals, blood pressure, monitoring our un-named girl.
A scheduled c-section is a walk in the park. No stress
Wheeled into surgery Jer would soon follow.
Prep for surgery
Anesthesiologist came in to get me numbed up and his phone rang. Thunderstruck was his ring tone.
It was pretty funny!
Surgery is a blur other than I know that Jer cried.
We didn't have a name picked out and we wouldn't for three days.
Jer wanted to name her Julianna and I wanted Madalyn. We both agreed her middle name would be Faith.
My dad was our most frequent visitor.
Jameson wasn't sure what to think.

Madalyn was the cutest little gift. She has black hair dark eyes and you could see the wonder in her eyes. She was going to make a mark in this world. Doctor Baxter had told everyone how beautiful she was so they all had to come see. She was a born entertainer. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite stores are Staples and Macy's. She loves office supplies and notebooks (she has 29 she tells me). She hugs tight. If she got to choose she would stay up late like daddy. She loves clothes and shoes and all things that sparkle. She isn't afraid to try new things or to make new friends. She wants to help people who need it. She has a tender heart and a zest for life. I am excited to see where she goes and who she becomes. I know she is going to light the world on fire. We are going to have ups and downs and all arounds. I am going to be there cheering her on, keeping her feet on the ground, and on my knees for her. No matter what comes I am her mom and I love her more than she will ever know.
Blessed is me..