Thursday, September 27, 2012

3289 days

It has been 3289 days since Jer and I got married. 9 years have just whizzed by! It was a perfect day if you ask me.

We used the cake top from Jer's grandparents wedding.  They have been married for 60 years now and love each other like newlyweds.

Us with our parents.

The whole gang! 
Phil, Michael, Bryan, Troy
Leslie, Char, Amy, Melissa
Rachel.. the flower girl

The dip kiss we had practice the night before

We are a great team.
I am smartish.. Jer is WAY smart
I get worked up easy.. Jer is cool under pressure
I have A LOT to say... Jer keeps quiet
I am an early riser... Jer is not
I am early to bed.. Jer stays up late
I like to be early.. Jer likes to be just on time
I co pilot.. Jer pilots
I love truck stops... Jer brings me to them
I have anxiety over vomit.. Jer takes over
I move my clean laundry from the bed to the top of the dresser a few time before putting it away.. Jer just puts his away.
I love when Jer chops wood... Jer chops wood
On bad days I need hugs.. Jer hugs me
When I am mad I don't talk.. Jer gives me space
I take HOT showers.. Jer never complains about not having enough hot water
I fall asleep on the couch every night.. Jer wakes me up
I fail at being a submissive wife.. Jer loves me anyways
I can be a pain to live with.. Jer perseveres 
It's all about balance.

Things Jer might not know.
I pray for him a lot.
When he is out of town I wear his jammies
He makes me have butterflies

That I would follow him anywhere.. even Idaho
That when I think about how much he has done for me, how much I love him it fills my throat with a lump and my eyes with tears.

In these last 3289 days we have endured some challenges, some sadness, some celebrations, 2 kids, 3 dogs, numerous cats, 2 houses, 2 remodels, and A LOT of cars, a new church family and so much more. Everyday has shaped who we are, who we are becoming, and who we will be.

Everyday I am happy to be Mrs. Jeremy Linder
 Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh Genesis 2:24

Blessed is me..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First and Third

Our little gems are tucked away in their beds ready for school to begin. When I went in to check on them Jameson was lights out, but Mad was awake "too excited to sleep." She asked if I would rub her back. As I stood rubbing her back and gently stroking her hair I can't help but feel that time is passing way faster than I thought it would. As her eyes got heavy and she rolled over I got tears in my eyes. Tomorrow she goes off to 1st grade. I feel like I was just yesterday they were learning to walk, talk, and write their names. Now Jameson can read, write, and do multiplication not to mention a great speller! Madalyn has nailed the talking part, can read with a little help, and is a great note writer. Her phonetic spelling is my favorite part of those notes.

Outfits are laid out. It is just an orientation day tomorrow, but first impressions are very important. It is interesting that Jameson tossed his clothes in a pile unfolded and Madalyn has her shirt set upon her pants with a coat nearby.
Here are the kids from Kinder to 3rd grade...

Worst mom ever.. I don't have individual pictures of this kids last year! I will try harder this year and I hope Jameson will let me take a picture of him without his hand in front of his face!

I am super excited to see what comes this year and to see how our kids are going to grow. 
My prayers are:

For Jameson to try new things even though he may fail. For him to know that it is ok to make new friends even though "nothing is wrong with the friends I have". For him to gain self confidence. For him to continue having a kind, compassionate heart. For him to know that we are proud of him. For him to know that we would go to the ends of the earth to help him succeed.

For Madalyn to continue on her self assured path. For her to help her friends when they need it. For her to not let anyone squash her unique style. For her to do all things fervently. For her to make new friends and reunite with the friends she made last year. For her to be brave as she walks into school without her brother. For her to know we are proud of her. For her to know that we would go to the end of the earth to help her succeed.

So as we say hello to Fall and goodbye to Summer I can't help but think about how much faster time is going to go as our kids get older. My mom used to tell me that the older you get the fast time goes. It never made sense to me until I was a mom myself.

Blessed is me...

Adventures with Papa.

School starts next week for our kids, so my dad took advantage of the two days the kids were with him and my mom last week.

  A little fun in the pool!

Walking around Coffenberry lake.

Cruising down the river walk with a stop at the Maritime Museum Anchor. (who doesn't have a picture like this?)

They finished out the day with a ride on the trolley.

Blessed is me...